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Shirring with elastic thread

Shirring with Elastic Thread

Shirring with elastic thread is easier than it looks. Sure, it does take some time, but you can succeed without a whole lot of practice. Even if you think it does not look perfect, the truth is that when the garment is worn, any imperfection will not be visible. You can put shirring on just […]

How to Finish Bias Binding in the Round

How to Finish Bias Binding in the Round

When using a bias tape to finish a garment, you will have to connect the two ends if you are finishing something in the round, such as an armhole, a cuff, or a bottom hem. A common way to connect the two ends is at an angle. The advantage of this method is that you […]

Sleeve Placket Tutorial

Tutorial: Sleeve Placket

A tower-style sleeve placket is used on men’s shirts, but some of the women’s shirts also use this same type of placket. I think it is suitable when you want your shirt to have a more masculine, strong, powerful look. It looks a bit intimidating, but like any technique, with some practice, you will be […]