Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Bellavista Top

Happy new year everyone! Did you have a good holiday season? I did. Mine was pretty mellow but I really enjoyed it anyway. Are we ready to get back to sewing and building an amazing wardrobe? I am! This new pattern, Bellavista Top, is right there for you. For one week, the Bellavista Top is […]

Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top PDF Sewing Pattern

Testing Call: Bellavista Top

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response! The testing call is now closed. The Bellavista Top pattern is available in the shop now. ++++++++ It’s good to have a new pattern ready for testing again! Would you be interested in helping to test? The Bellavista is a cozy little top that has different options […]

Assemble PDF Pattern the Quick Way

Assemble PDF Patterns the Quick Way

Do you want to see how I assemble my PDF patterns at home? Unlike most people, I print and assemble my patterns many times. When I draft a pattern and place it in the proper format, I print my pattern. Then if I have any changes, I revise, print and assemble the pattern again. I don’t […]

Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour

Itch to Stitch Love Tour

My heart is filled will gratitude and love. Since I told friends of Itch to Stitch and the sewing community about my recent house burglary, I have been the receiving outpouring support and love. It gives me hope that wonderful and compassionate people in the world way outnumbers the few bad apples that cause harm. […]

Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Hvar Jacket

The Hvar Jacket is now in the shop! (I am also doing a “we just got robbed” sale. Be sure to read to the end for details!) Let me tell you that the Hvar Jacket is deceiving. It is on trend, elegant, flattering, fancy and expensive-looking. It must be hard to sew, right? Wrong! Completely, utterly […]

Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Brasov Wrap Top

The Brasov Wrap Top pattern is now in the shop! It’s not a secret that wrap tops are flattering. Diane von Furstenberg became famous for her iconic wrap dresses for a reason. It’s a classy, feminine and elegant, yet easy-to-wear. There’s really nothing not to love about them, and you should very much sew your own. […]

Itch to Stitch North Point Trousers PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: North Point Trousers

Whether you sew or not, you need a pair of timeless trousers in your wardrobe. Now it is possible for us sewists to create a pair with all the classic features with the newly released North Point Trousers sewing pattern! I am very excited about the North Point Trousers pattern. On a side note, initially […]

Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top

Testing Call: Brasov Wrap Top

The testing call is closed. The Brasov Wrap Top pattern is now available in the shop! +++++   I used to have a top that looked like the Brasov Wrap Top. I wore it so much and it has since fallen apart, but isn’t it great that we can sew? Would you like to test […]