Itch to Stitch Gobi Culottes PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Gobi Culottes

Trans-seasonal time is difficult to sew for, isn’t it? It can be warm enough to go swimming, or it can be cold enough for hot chocolate (OK, I agree that I can always have some hot chocolate, even if it means I need to hide inside a refrigerator.) But pants sewing is always appropriate. This […]

Itch to Stitch Oia Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Oia Dress

If I must say so myself, my love for the new Oia Dress is EPIC. OK, let me dial back the drama queen in me, but I do love love love my Oia Dress! And once you make it and wear it, you will understand what I mean. For one week, the Oia Dress sewing pattern […]

Itch to Stitch Kosice Top & Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Kosice Top & Dress

I have been on a button-down-front kick. After the Kalispell Dress, I made the Kauai Top. And now let me introduce you to the latest of Itch to Stitch—the Kosice Top & Dress! For one week, the Kosice Top & Dress sewing pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies—get 15% off your entire cart […]