Itch to Stitch Oceanside Dress Sewing Pattern

Testing Call: Oceanside Dress

Thank you for your overwhelming support. The testing call is now closed. ++++++++ In the summer, I’d like to wear something easy, something that I can just throw on, yet feel good in. That’s why I love this new design, the Oceanside Dress. Would you be interested in testing it? I love that it provides […]

How to make a bra strap holder

How to Make a Bra Strap Holder

I know that some ladies intentionally show their bra straps for some garments they wear, but it’s very annoying to me when my bra straps peep out of my clothes without my approval. One way to combat this disobedient behavior is to sew on a bra strap holder. There are actually no-sew solutions out there […]

How to install a Lapped zipper with facings

How to Install a Lapped Zipper with Facings

Even though my favorite zipper is the invisible zipper, occasionally, I’d venture into other types of zippers for different looks. Today I want to go over how to install a lapped zipper with facings. Many tutorials out there go over the installation of the lapped zippers using different techniques, which are fine and dandy. However, most […]

Itch to Stitch Beausoleil Top & Dress

Testing Call: Beausoleil Top & Dress

Thank you for your overwhelming support. The testing call is now closed. The Beausoleil Top & Dress pattern is now available in the shop. ++++++++ Hi lovely ladies! The Beausoleil Top & Dress is ready for testing! Are you interested in testing this sewing pattern? The focus point of the Beausoleil, of course, is the […]

Itch to Stitch Lago Tank

Testing Call: Lago Tank

Hi everyone! Would you like to test this simple and quick Lago Tank pattern? I think this is perfect for those who are participating in Me-Made-May! For those who are not familiar, many sewists pledge to wear handmade clothing everyday in the month of May (or similar commitment). Even though I never officially make a […]

Itch to Stitch La Paz Jacket Sewing Pattern

New Pattern Release: La Paz Jacket

Woot! The La Paz Jacket sewing pattern is finally in the shop today! This jacket pattern is the product of my blood, sweat and tear, and I cannot be more proud how it turned out. For this week only, the La Paz Jacket pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies! Remember to check out other […]

Itch to Stitch Anza Jumpsuit & Dress

Testing Call: Anza Jumpsuit & Dress

TESTING CALL CLOSED The testing call is now closed. Thank you so much for your support! The Anza Jumpsuit & Dress pattern is available in the shop. +++++++++++++ Happy Friday ladies! Are you interested in testing my next pattern, the Anza Jumpsuit & Dress? The Anza (formerly aptly named “the jumpsuit”) was created last year; however, […]

Hong Kong Seam Finish Part 2

Hong Kong Seam Finish – Part 2

In the previous post on Hong Kong seam finish (Part 1), we talked about the basic of making a Hong Kong seam finish, and now we are going to something more advanced: how do you finish a princess seam allowance using the Kong Kong finish technique? Because of the curves involved, typically a princess seam is […]

Hong Kong Seam Finish

Hong Kong Seam Finish – Part 1

The Hong Kong seam finish is an exquisite seam finish. Being a person originally from Hong Kong, I am not aware how this name came to be. In fact, if you mention Hong Kong seam finish in Hong Kong, I bet everyone will stare at you like you are speaking gibberish. I imagine you’d probably receive a similar […]