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Free Motion Applique with a Free Download

Free Motion Applique with a Free Download

Hello everyone! I’m back today and sharing a little bit about Free Motion Applique. I’ve done some lately for a recent tour which you can read about over on my blog here, and Kennis asked me to share about FMA as it was a new-to-her skill. Just to make things fun, I’m sharing a free […]

How to sew a button by machine1

How to Sew a Button by Machine

I notice that many sewists, despite sewing for many years, never try to use their sewing machine to sew a button. Many sewing machines come with button feet now, even ones that are sold cheaply at Walmart. Personally, if I am just sewing one button, I opt for the hand sewing method. But when I am […]

Grade up or down a size or two2

How to Grade a Pattern Up or Down a Size (or Two)

Have you fallen in love with a pattern, only to find that it doesn’t come in your size? A few ladies told me that Itch to Stitch’s patterns don’t come in their sizes – some are smaller and some are larger than the measurements. Perhaps you have a tween who is not quite big enough to […]

Three Methods for Gathering

I’m back at Itch to Stitch to share about gathering. I don’t know about you, but I’m still not sure what my favorite method of gathering is. I think it really depends on my project and the seam allowance I am using for a given pattern. Today I’m going to share the three methods I […]

How to Sew French Seams

How to Sew French Seams

Hi Itch to Stitch Readers! Last week we talked about how to sew bias bound seams in just three easy steps. This week, I’d like to show you another seam finish you’re going to love using in your garments: French Seams. French Seams work by “trapping” the raw edges of your seam in another seam. […]

Three Easy Steps for Bias Bound Seams

Three Easy Steps for Bias Bound Seams

Hi Itch to Stitch Readers! Who here hates finishing their seam allowances? For me, finishing seam allowances is never one of my favourite parts of sewing. It’s not a very exciting task, and sometimes it feels like it takes forever. But unfortunately, even though it’s boring, finishing your seam allowances is an extremely important part […]

How to Make Your Skirt Drape Beautifully

Last week we talked about a couple of basic sewing techniques, namely understitching and seam-grading, that contribute to the professional look of a garment. Today I’d like to discuss a less common technique, but nonetheless one that makes your lovely garments even more beautiful. This technique helps your clothes hang and drape beautifully by adding weights at the hem. […]

Understitching Tutorial: The Sometimes Forgotten Technique

Understitching Tutorial: The Sometimes Forgotten Technique

I haven’t been sewing for too many years, but one thing I noticed when I first started was a movement to #topstitchallthethings. I’m telling you, it didn’t matter what group I was in, if you were sewing, you were topstitching. What I later discovered was the lost art and technique of understitching. Understitching is the […]

How to grade a seam allowance

How to Grade a Seam Allowance

Hi Itch to Stitch Readers! Today I would like to talk a little bit about grading seam allowances, one of the easiest ways to reduce bulk in your seam allowances and keep your garments looking smooth. But what is Grading? In the simplest terms, grading a seam allowance is cutting the layers of fabric in […]