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Zamora Blouse Goes Sleeveless

Zamora Blouse Goes Sleeveless

Since the release of the Zamora Blouse I’ve been wanting a sleeveless version of it. I love this style of this top and just knew it could make a great summer look. Why not go sleeveless with it? For my sleeveless version I made the blouse exactly as the instructions stated through Step 25. This […]

Hacking the Zamora Blouse - Add Waist Drawstring

Hacking Zamora Blouse – Drawstring Waist

In the previous posts, we raised the V-neck and removed the front tie of Zamora Blouse, let the hacking continues! Today, I am going to change the waist of Zamora Blouse too. In its original form, Zamora comes in front and back waist darts. In the pattern instructions, I mentioned that if you so desire, you could skip the […]

Hacking the Zamora Blouse - Remove the Front Tie

Hacking Zamora Blouse – Remove Front Tie

In the last post, I discussed how to raise the V-neck on a pattern. My sneaky motive is really to hack the Zamora Blouse into a different look. A couple of ladies asked me about how to remove the front tie on Zamora. And I thought it’s a great idea. I love it when a pattern produces drastically different […]