Jaime's Marbella Dress

Marbella Dress Tour Stop–Jaime Johnson

I love Jaime’s Marbella Dress. I knew the dress would fit her very nicely even when Jaime was making the test garment in muslin fabric. “WOW” was my first response when I first saw her finished dress. It fits so well on her (see? making a muslin is really worth your while!), and she looks […]

Lindsay's Marbella Dress

Marbella Dress Tour Stop–Design By Lindsay

I am fortunate to have the talented Lindsay as one of my testers of Marbella Dress. Lindsay is a fellow designer who recently release her very own pattern, Senna Dress. I love Lindsay’s version of Marbella Dress because it really shows how versatile the pattern is. Just a change of fabric can completely transform the […]

Deb's Marbella Dress

Marbella Dress Tour Stop–Stitch It Now

I love Deb’s version of Marbella Dress since I first laid my eyes on it. It combines the two things I love–red and polka dots. You really cannot go wrong with lipstick red. All heads will automatically turn to you when you walk into a room in red; that’s a color of confidence to me. Polka […]