Hepburn Turtleneck Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF)

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Hepburn Turtleneck is a timeless classic that has swept worldwide since Audrey Hepburn brought it to the silver screen in the 1950s. Hepburn Turtleneck represents simplicity and elegance, and it will pair well with a variety of pants and skirts while keeping you cozy on chilly days.

Hepburn Turtleneck Features:

  • Options for long and three-quarter sleeves
  • Double-layered turtleneck
  • Close-fitting to accentuate your figure
  • Layers feature–print only the sizes you need

Skill Level: Beginner+

Sizes: 00 – 20 (See “Size Chart” tab below for detailed measurements)

Don’t want to print and tape paper together? Hepburn Turtleneck pattern now includes an additional large format file (size A0 paper) that you can send to your print shop to print!

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Additional information


00 to 20

Cup sizes


Skill level


Knit or woven



Digital download


A0, A4 / US Letter



Seam allowances



Primary Fabric Use a light to medium-weight knit fabric with at least 100% 2-way or 4-way stretch and great recovery. Rib knit, jersey and sweater knit are great choices. If you use fabric with less stretch, you may choose a larger size. Conversely, if you use fabric with more stretch, you may choose a smaller size.

Other Material

  • 15" (38 cm) of clear elastic to stabilize shoulder seams


  • Ball-point or stretch machine needles
  • Walking foot for your sewing machine (optional)
  • Serger machine (optional)
  • Cover stitch machine to finish your hems (optional)
  • Twin needles to finish your hems (optional)
  • Wooly nylon threads to finish your hems (optional)

Fabric Requirements

Most natural fibers shrink in the wash; be sure to have enough fabric. The requirements below assume that the fabric is already pre-shrunk.


Hepburn Turtleneck PDF Sewing Pattern Fabric Requirements Imperial


Hepburn Turtleneck PDF Sewing Pattern Fabric Requirements Metric 

49 reviews for Hepburn Turtleneck Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF)

  1. Beryl

    The size I selected as closest to my measurements was just right and the garment was easy to sew and looks great!

  2. Anonymous

    This pattern is an absolute classic, and a must have for cooler weather in my climate. Because of the amazing fit, I plan to hack this into different T tops by changing up the neckline and sleeve length ~Lots(!) of room to play(!) Thank you for the lovely well drafted pattern! Love it!

  3. Kathy

    Easy pattern to use but need heavier knit to sew for beginners. Fits small. Love the simplicity of its look.

  4. Erica Wynter

    It fitted like a dream, I have a 6# bust difference and was skeptical to start, I did not have to make any adjustments.

  5. Linda

    This is a quick make with a classic appeal. I recommend it.

  6. Tali

    An easy project that turned out great

  7. Paula

    I have made two turtlnecks and plan to make more. This is a well drafted pattern and an easy make. I’m very happy with this pattern. It’s a keeper!

  8. Anonymous

    Easy sew!

  9. Doreen

    Fits well. Quick, easy sew. Will make again. Great staple to one’s wardrobe.

  10. Talia

    Perfect pattern and very clear instructions. I will be sewing it again and again.

  11. Anonymous

    Wonderfully easy pattern!

  12. Joyce

    My pattern did not download correctly😩 The layers did not show all sizes. I RE downloaded several times but size 14, and 16, or 18 would never come through. It does show all other sizes including size 20. I asked for help with n the Facebook page but it has never been fixed. I would be happy to send pictures of how it comes up.

  13. Anonymous

    Definitely a snug fit! I made my size and the next size up in two different fabrics, and am happy with both. I made a crew neck instead of the pattern’s turtleneck since my fabrics had too much drape for it.

    The Hepburn fits really nicely in the back of the shoulder, which is often a problem area for me. I’m hoping this holds true for other ITS patterns too – this was my first ITS purchase and it will not be the last.

  14. Ami

    I absolutely love this pattern! My first make was bit smaller than I thought even though I used size ten as usual. The problem was with the fabric I used. I have made five since with little bigger size. Your drafting is impeccable.

  15. Anonymous

    Such a great staple.

  16. Lynn

    This is a really useful wardrobe staple

  17. Sheryl

    I have loved every pattern you do. They fit like me like a glove. Especially your Atenas pattern. See mine on my Instagram Zsmitch. I was inspired by Lifting Pins and Needles. Your patterns are spot on. Your website is clean and easy to use. I am sure I will purchase again.

  18. Linda

    A terrific pattern. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I used a serger and whipped it up in no time. I will definitely make this again and I highly recommend the pattern.

  19. Anonymous

    Just finish this make
    Clear pattern instructions thankyou

  20. Christine

    As with all the ITS patterns I’ve sewn I’m very pleased with the Hepburn Turtleneck. My size was spot on according to the size chart included in the pattern with a very easy to follow tutorial. My only note would be to try on the turtleneck piece by itself before sewing it to the top to see if you need to make it smaller to stand up nicely if that is the look you are going for. I did need to cut it down a bit however that will be according to your fabric type.

  21. Julia

    The Cup option is great and as a German customer I really appreciate that measurements are also given in centimetres.

  22. Denise

    I made sized up to 12 because I didn’t want it to be too close fitting. I don’t have a lot of experience seeing knits and don’t have an overlocker so the viscose Lycra was a bit of a challenge but the pattern was easy to follow and went together well. I’m pleased with the result.

  23. S.

    It’s a lovely, basic pattern with great instructions. I am now making my second one.

  24. Cassie

    I love turtlenecks and this on is beautiful!

  25. Jana

    The perfect fit!

  26. Donna Harder

    I sewed up my Hepburn top last week and like it very much!

  27. Deborah

    Such a quick sew and cosy

  28. Dorota R.

    I found this pattern easy to sew and like it a lot. I have batch sewn several Hepburnturtlenecks over the last few days.

  29. Liv

    I love your patterns, always precise notches etc, and the cup sizing is great. I hope for projector files in the future, until then the layered A0 works. To me, the perfekt projector file is an A0 where all pieces are aligned same way, and pieces are both on fold and not on fold. To make it easier to cut precisely.

  30. Diane

    This is a quick and easy pattern- so much fun to make! And it looks so sophisticated when you’re done- I made the first one out of a lighter weight ponte, and the second one out of a fabric with more drape- I believe it is cotton and spandex; I love them both, the first one the collar stands right up, and the second one, the collar drapes. Both are nice looks!
    Can’t wait to make more!!

  31. Cynthia

    A turtleneck pattern I can sew in my choice of color and fabric. I love the outcome of this top in a cotton/spandex blend. Easy to sew, yet very professional outcome!

  32. Nancy Comin

    Mixed 2 sizes came out perfect. Made 3 times.

  33. Nicola

    Hi I first sore your pattern on a liz sews blog and she raved about the pattern. So I thought I would give it a go. I’ve so far cut out the pattern and can’t wait to get stuck in sewing it. I am sure the turtle neck jumper is going to be a main staple in my wardrobe for winter times.
    The patterns are so easy to put together, I’ve read the instructions and they look really straightforward to follow.
    Your site is easy to maneuver through, considering I’m in the UK. I haven’t found that many nice patterns on my high street, I’m mainly finding them on line. The ones I do find here in the UK, are really expensive. How come patterns and fabrics are so reasonably priced in america. When I have made up the top I send you a picture.

  34. Janet

    Loved the turtleneck! I am full busted so I wasn’t sure about the having to make my own adjustments but it worked very well! I love the ready to wear vibe!

  35. Lynn L.

    I do wish it could have cup sizes as it fits in shoulders but pulls up over busy when I move. But I have made two already and just love the pattern!

  36. Anonymous

    I loved this pattern. It came together pretty quick. The instructions are great. It’s an easy sew. Will definitely be making more of this.

  37. Anonymous

    I just needed one of this in my wardrobe! So many beautiful fabrics to make one of this!

  38. Joelle

    Very pleased with this pattern. Easy to follow, clear instructions and my favorite part is the provided size it will be after it’s done so it gives you a better idea of what size you really should make after taking your measurements. Thank you

  39. Yvette S.

    Loved the fit of this so much! Nicely drafted pattern.

  40. Irene

    love this pattern

  41. Susan

    My first pattern with this company. Turned out very well. Drafting good and pieces matched up well. Directions clear. Will consider more of their patterns.

  42. Mary Hearn

    I’ve been a great fan of the TATB Freya too but it is very close fitting. This one is longer and slightly less fitted in the body. The turtleneck is also better as not quite so tight. It’s a definite thumbs up from me and I have five more planned. IMHO just better all round.

  43. Peg

    Love a good turtle neck.

  44. Anne

    Everything about this pattern was perfect. I made the first Hepburn Turtleneck with a thrifted rayon lycra and it was spot-on! I made the second one with thrifted cotton rib knit and I made it one size larger because it was not as stretchy and had less recovery. It, too was perfect! Next, I will be cutting my “good fabric” which is a cotton rib. I love this pattern.

  45. Faith

    A very simple and clear pattern. Easy to follow and the sizing was perfect. I used a rayon spandex knit and it’s so soft and lovely. I will make again in a heavier material as I prefer the collars of Turtlenecks to stand up but the rayon spandex was too drapey. Still, very happy with this pattern and my shirt and look forward to making others!

  46. Sharon

    Great to wear

  47. Anonymous

    A classic. Kennis drafts her patterns to result in a flattering finished garment. Make this as dressy or casual as you want with the choice of fabric. Make sure you have the right amount of stretch as it is fitted. This does not sew up into your cheap discount store boxy turtle neck. It has all the style of a feminine cut well fitted turtleneck.

  48. Love this pattern! Made two and another is on the list. The fit is perfect and the pattern sews together so well. Excellent pattern drafting. Had some compliments!

  49. Kim

    I have always loved the look of a turtleneck, and the fit on this one is perfect!

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Bust 3118
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Hip 3318

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