Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

Jacqueline Hoodie: Tester Call


The testing call is now closed. Thank you so much for your support! The Jacqueline Hoodie is now available in the shop.


Happy Easter everyone! Finally my next pattern, Jacqueline Hoodie, is ready for testing. I initially started to draft this hoodie at the beginning of the year. Then I gave way to other patterns thinking I might already have missed the timing for a cool weather garment. Thanks to some of you who encouraged me to press on (especially those of you from Down Under with Winter coming up!), I got it completed. If I must say so myself, I am completely in love with it. I love it so much that I would wear it and smile to myself (yes, I know, that’s creepy).

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

But the pattern is not done until it’s thoroughly completely tested. I’d love if you are interested in helping out.

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern


Here are some specs of Jacqueline Hoodie:

  • Double-breasted hoodie with off-centered zipper
  • Extensive double top stitching throughout
  • Lined three-piece hood for a greater fit
  • Armhole princess seam for subtle shaping
  • In-seam pockets with welts (optional)
  • Epaulets with buttons (optional)
  • Decorative front buttons for an edgy look (optional)

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

The hoodie in the photo has the pockets, epaulets and decorative front buttons (no buttonholes). I think they give the hoodie a ready-to-wear appeal. However, they are optional. You could also use fewer front decorative buttons. The epaulets do have two functional buttonholes.

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

I’d say the most challenging part is the topstitching, which is throughout the whole garment. If you love details, you’d love the topstitching. I snapped this photo so I can show you that the topstitching does make a world of difference. So I think it’s completely worthwhile.

Difference topstitching makes

Topstitching makes your garment so much more polished.




Jacqueline Hoodie Body and Finished Garment Measurements

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

Material Requirements

Primary fabric Medium-weight knit fabric with 35% to 50% two-way or four-way stretch is ideal. Interlock, French terry, double knit and Ponte are great choices. If you use fabric with less stretch, you may choose a larger size. Conversely, if you use fabric with more stretch, you may choose a smaller size. However, avoid fabric with too much stretch as you may find it difficult to topstitch. Avoid very heavy-weight fabric if your sewing machine is not heavy-duty enough to stitch across multiple layers of intersecting seams or topstitch. Woven fabric is not recommended. For your reference, the featured purple hoodie is made of a 100% cotton 12 oz (406 gsm) interlock fabric.

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

You may substitute rib knit, preferably with spandex for greater recovery, for the cuffs and bottom band. You would use less fabric than stated due to the greater stretch of the rib knit. Therefore, you should shorten the bands as needed.

Interfacing Light-weight knit tricot fusible interfacing is preferred.

Other Materials

  • One jacket-weight separating zipper in the following length. You will likely have to purchase a longer zipper and shorten it.

Jacqueline Hoodie Zipper Length

  • 3/8” or 1/2” (1 cm or 1.25 cm)-wide straight fusible stay tape
  • Two  7/8”  (23 mm) buttons for the epaulets (if the option is used)
  • Twenty 7/8” (23 mm) buttons for the front (if the option is used)
  • Three size 10 (7/8” or 23 mm) sewn-on snap fasteners


  • Ball point (or stretch) machine needles (use a bigger needle, e.g. size 100/16, when stitching through many layers of fabric)
  • Size 100/16 or bigger Universal machine needle for sewing zipper
  • Walking foot (or use similar function in your machine, such as the IDT or Accufeed system)
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Serger machine (optional to finish your seam allowances)

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

Fabric Requirements

Most natural fibers shrink in the wash, be sure to have enough fabric. The requirements below assume that the fabric is already pre-shrunk.

Jacqueline Hoodie Fabric Requirements

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern


Given this is the Easter weekend, I am going to leave this tester call up throughout the weekend and will get back to the applicants in the beginning of next week.

As for the testing schedule, I plan to allow two full weekends. We can get started mid-week next week (April 8th), then I hope to complete testing on April 20th. But as always, if there’s any important change to the pattern, we’ll extend testing as needed.

Jacqueline Hoodie PDF Sewing Pattern

The chosen testers will be invited to a private Facebook group where we can discuss the pattern, share pictures and discuss revisions. I will send the invite/link to the email that you provide. So please make sure you enter the correct email in the form below.

In return for your time, effort, professionalism, input and participation, upon completion of the testing, you will receive:

  • A copy of the final pattern
  • Feature you in a blog post that directs traffic to your blog/site/store/Etsy store

If you think you are still up for testing Jacqueline Hoodie, then please sign up. Testing is one of the most crucial steps for producing a quality pattern. I appreciate your applying!