La Casa Cactus - Elsa's Jacqueline Hoodie

Jacqueline Hoodie Blog Tour & Giveaway – La Casa Cactus

Today for the Jacqueline Hoodie Blog Tour & Giveaway, we are stopping at La Casa Cactus. Elsa did a wonderful job on her Jacqueline Hoodie. She chose to use a dark yellow fabric with gray as accent. She affectionately calls her hoodie “Bumblebee” after the Transformer, which I think is quite fitting.

If you wonder how Jacqueline Hoodie looks like without the front buttons, then you can take a close look at Elsa’s creation. It looks different and streamlined.

Hop over to La Casa Cactus to have a behind-the-scene tour of the Bumblebee Jacqueline Hoodie