Itch to Stitch Nusle Joggers PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Nusle Joggers

With the Nusle, you get three great patterns in one: A Long Split Hem option, an Ankle Cuff option, and a Capri Cuff option! And they all come in the full-size range of 00 to 40! These are so comfortable and on-trend that you will want to wear them in the house, in the gym, […]

Itch to Stitch Shau Vest PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Shau Vest

Please welcome the last Itch to Stitch pattern of the year, the Shau Vest! Here are the highlights of the Shau Vest: Options for cup sizesAsymmetric front Fitted with waist and armhole darts Option to line or not lineEdges finished with piping or bias tapeDesigned for woven fabric or stable knit fabric For one week (through December […]

Itch to Stitch Winterthur Jacket PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Winterthur Jacket

I’ve been wanting to make this jacket for a long while (and more than a few of you asked for it too). Finally, it’s here! The Winterthur Jacket is now available in the Itch to Stitch catalog! For one week (through November 23, 2022), the Winterthur Jacket pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still […]

How to sew ladder stitch by hand stitch seam invisibly

How to: Sew Ladder Stitch by Hand

A few of Itch to Stitch’s patterns use the ladder stitch such as the Lagan Coat and the Causeway Bomber. It is primarily used to close up the lining of a fully lined garment when it’s not possible to stitch with a sewing machine invisibly. But there are other usages too such as closing up […]

Itch to Stitch Fisterra Top & Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Fisterra Top & Dress

Were you wondering when the next sewing pattern would arrive? Wait no more! Here it is to you, the beautiful and elegant Fisterra Top & Dress! For one week (through October 2, 2022), the Fisterra pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies—get 15% off your entire cart if your purchase is $20 or […]

Itch to Stitch Brampton Shorts PDF Sewing Patterns

New Pattern: Brampton Shorts

Please welcome the next Itch to Stitch lineup, the Brampton Shorts! The Brampton Shorts are pull-on shorts that are fast to sew and easy to fit. You can choose to sew the optional features: back pockets, side-seam pockets, belt loops, and sash. I think these features add to the functionality and aesthetics of the shorts, […]

Itch to Stitch Soller Top & Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Soller Top & Dress

A pattern gets elevated to “tried-and-true” status when it results in easy-to-sew clothing that is attractive, interesting, and versatile. Itch to Stitch’s new pattern, the Soller Top & Dress, checks all these boxes! For one week (through July 27, 2022), the Soller pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies—get 15% off your entire […]

Itch to Stitch Auvers Top PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Auvers Top

The Auvers Top is here! I always wanted to make a surplice top pattern for lightweight, soft, silky fabric, and I’ve finally done it! The Auvers is so pretty and elegant, but at the same time, casual. It will be perfect for the summer from day to night. It also looks wonderful under a jacket. […]

Itch to Stitch Sentosa Tank PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Sentosa Tank

Please welcome Itch to Stitch’s latest pattern, the Sentosa Tank! I already had a few opportunities to wear the Sentosa this month because we had a heatwave! So I dug up my shorts from the back of my closet and put on my Sentosa to walk along the beach. I think wherever you are in […]

Itch to Stitch Brisbane Top & Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

New Pattern: Brisbane Top & Dress

I like the idea of a T-shirt dress—a garment that is casual and easy to style but has a touch of “surprise!” The new pattern, the Brisbane Top & Dress, fits this description perfectly. For one week (through April 28, 2022), the Brisbane Top & Dress pattern is 20% off. The volume discount still applies—get […]