Five-hour baby sweater

September 14th, 2011

Here’s a change of scene. As the temperature reaches all-time high (or at least in my mind), I have a unprecedented  urge to knit some sweaters. Of course this motivation comes from my brand new twin nieces. I just want to make them stuff, lots of stuff. Perhaps it’s to compensated for the fact that I can’t see and hold them until November.

It turns out that making baby sweaters are uber satisfying. As opposed to my typical 4-month knitting when it comes to a sweater for myself, these sweaters only take about 5 hours a pop. It’s a free pattern from ravelry.  If you search for “5 hour baby sweater”, there should be several for you to choose from, although I think they are awfully similar.

5-hour baby sweater - blocking

5-hour baby sweater - blocking

It is knitted from the top. No seaming is required on the body, but there are seams on the sleeves. I suppose you could use your double point needles to knit circularly to eliminate the seams.

Of course each baby gets her own sweater (tape measure to give you a sense of size)

Of course each baby gets her own sweater (tape measure to give you a sense of size)

The brand of the yarn is “Spud & Chloe – Sweater”. It’s a worsted weight, cotton/super wash wool blend. I specifically chose something nice (don’t want acrylic) yet machine washable. I don’t understand the concept of non-washable baby clothes. Given the intense color (colorway: Popsicle), it doesn’t bleed at all.

One thing I would do differently is the way I do my “Make 1″ stitches. I would have more of a lacy, girly effect if I knit in the back of the loop instead of knitting in the front of the loop, whereas now there are no visible holes in the top of the sweaters.

Also, this is the newborn size. I was a little concerned that they are too small, but after blocking, they may actually be big enough to allow couple months of growth!

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  1. Amanda S. says:

    Super cute! I need to make my baby some sweaters, I had no idea they were such a quick project!

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