New ensemble at Huntington Library

August 18th, 2010

I’ve never done a SWAP before. It just requires too much planning and commitment. But it just happened that several pieces of my creations actually go together well enough to appear that I planned it.

All of them can considered to be “quick sew” (“quick” means it doesn’t take weeks). Here are the three pieces:

McCall 5241 Cardigan – a.k.a 1-hour cardigan
This actually took more than 1 hour (maybe 3?) because I don’t have big enough of a surface to cut the fabric and it took quite a bit of acrobatic for me to work it out. There’s a seam in the back and 2 holes to put the sleeves in. That’s it. I initially wanted to not hem the edges due to my laziness, but my husband convinced me to not to half-ass it. I am glad I did since it looks so much nicer and I do wear this cardigan quite a bit. The fabric is from Michael Levin in downtown LA in the “fabric by the pound” section. I think it’s a very stable polyester knit with a bit of glitter in it. I dumped it in the wash and dryer, it doesn’t change a bit. It’s also never wrinkles.
This whole thing costs probably about $2 to make. Definitely beat the $80 version at DKNY.

Simplicity 2599 top
A simple pattern sitting in my stash forever. It’s a sleeveless top that has elastic band in the waist. I initially wanted to put flounces in the front, but it’s very obvious that the fabric is one-sided. I decided that pink animal print is sufficient and can stand on its own without extra flare. The fabric is rayon from Joann. It’s super soft.

Burda Style 7/2008 Shorts 125
I needed some shorts and found these cute ones in my Burda magazine stash. The unique part is that there are separate panels for the side and the legs are gathered. The cuffs have buttons on the sides. I also top-stitched with pink threads, which matches my top perfectly! I used a black denim fabric with 3% Lycra in it.

Although it’s more satisfying to make a complex dress, but simple clothing is just more versatile and I have more opportunities to wear them.





2 Responses to “New ensemble at Huntington Library”

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Cute outfit. I particularly like those shorts with the pink detail.

  2. Alice says:

    Wah!!! I can’t believe you become a tailor!!! haha!!

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