Wrap Dress Butterick 5101

September 28th, 2009

I haven’t been very productive in terms of sewing because of my draping class and also because I am learning to knit a sweater. But finally I have something for show.

This is Butterick 5101

Butterick 5101

Butterick 5101

MISSES’ TOP, DRESS, SKIRT AND PANTS: Wrap front top and dress have all-in-one sleeve, pleated collar extending into front neckline, side tie, sleeve length and hem variations. Mock wrap front skirt and straight leg pants have casing and elastic yoke.

I made the dress version, but modified the sleeve to be 3/4 length.

It’s a relatively easy pattern except for the cutting part. Since the sleeve and the bodice is one piece, you’ll need a large cutting table, otherwise the fabric will hang over the table. To solve that problem, I had to cut on the floor. I have bruise on my knee to be evidence.

This dress was actually done quite long time ago, but I considered it a failure because of the wide sleeves and insufficient gathering. I just don’t like to modify completed garment, so I stuck it in the closet for months. Finally I took it out and finished it.

Besides the sleeve length, I also modified a couple of other things. The sleeves are very wide. In fact, all Simplicity, Butterick and Vogue patterns have wider sleeves than my arms need. So I had to trim them way down. For this pattern, I just took in the underarm seam. Another necessary modification is that the gathers on the sides are not sufficient for the dress to hang parallel to the floor. I don’t know if it’s because of the fabric that I used; it might have more drape than Butterick asks for. So I had to gather more fabrics than they call for.

I bought the fabric from Michael Levine fabric by the pound department. I love the pattern and the color. I am a bit purple crazy lately, this definitely fits my current taste. This dress probably cost me about $5.

I think this is my go-to dress for this season.

Normally I wouldn’t sew for anyone but for myself, but my friend likes it a lot and her birthday is coming up. She asked me many times already, so I finally said yes to her. Hopefully I can finish it before her birthday.

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  1. adrienne says:

    I LOVE that print!

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